“When you first hear MONSTERWATCH, it’s hard not to think of the halcyon days of logger fashion and furious riffs.  But don’t call it a throwback, the trio may be using the same arsenal but they’re injecting it with a perspective that could only come from the modern era with their latest EP, Z O T. 

Recorded by Steve Fisk and Arsen Gogeshvili, Z O T recontextualizes the sound Seattle first became famous for and injects with new youthful energy.  If you’ve seen the band perform live, the energy they infect into the room is palpable.  The shrieking force of “I Don’t Get It” exudes disgust and worry through layers of fuzz, while “Lost My Car” plays to the idiosyncrasies and plights of big city life.  But it goes deeper even deeper than that.  They’re using noise to cope with modern anxieties, much like their forebears before them did.” KEXP

Break free from negativity, judgement and self doubt.  We are MONSTERWATCH and we are here strictly for you and your pleasure. 


Carrie Akre

Carrie is a Seattle legend with deep roots in songwriting and a masterful command of her instrument.  She was the powerhouse vocalist leading the bands Hammerbox, Goodness, and The Rockfords throughout the music scene in the 1990s. After many years of touring and label woes, she needed to step away from music, as well as her home in the Pacific Northwest.  Like many artists though, music is at her core and the songs kept calling.  

On her second album she has released under her own imprint, PASSAGE (out on September 6th 2019), Carrie takes you on an emotional journey through her life.  Battling loss, anxiety, depression and rediscovery, you hear the pain and joy expressed through her voice with a true artist’s control. Her fascinating history comes through each lyric and melody.  

The album opens and instantly the power is there. Track one, Ocean, was the first song written after her mother passed away.  The lonely, painful separation of mother and daughter is embedded in each sound as Carrie transports you to that time of loss in her life.  “All my life is wrapped in your green eyes.”

In the song Rocketeer she takes the listener on a journey to find home again while still feeling separate from her people.  Like an outsider with larger dreams and ideas than the world will hold.

Wrest it Out is crafted with a wit that make you want to tattoo them on your body. Lines like   “Cuts her hair on glass to be free” seem to beg to be written across the sky.

What I Want is the anthem of rising up. It’s about progress and healing. Carrie says her path to healing is “Fun; a whole lot of music...that’s good for everyone”. She continues, “It’s about love and that includes sun”.  Her voice is unleashed in this track and you can hear and feel the full power of experience, grit and passion for her art.  Roll down the windows, turn up the volume and sing along to everyone or no one in particular. 

She has done the work to heal and make her way back to finding herself.  The rediscovery of who she is: An artist.  Without embarrassment and out of real honest need, she is reclaiming her place in music.  “I’ve never done music out of ego and many times wondered why do it at all...but today I know my why. It’s who I am.”